Stage Hypnotist

James Anthony

International Stage Hypnotist James Anthony provides a rare and unique insight into the hypnotic world around us, with his highly creative and successful hypnosis stage show.

James cleverly mixes magic, hypnosis and suggestion, creating an aromatic blend of original material ideal for every entertainment venue.

You can expect a highly professional and clean show from James Anthony. Nobody will laugh AT the members on stage, but everyone will laugh WITH THEM, creating a truly unique show.

James Anthony has been qualified in hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis for over 7 years and has hypnotized over 5000 people worldwide.

FULLY INSURED… Unlike many acts our show is completely in line with the 1952 Hypnosis Act and can be performed at any venue LEGALLY. James holds FULL STAGE HYPNOSIS INSURANCE and full written risk assessments can be provided upon request.

During his self contained show, James will invite various members of the audience to join him on stage. He then proceeds to hypnotize them in a matter of seconds and gets them to perform outrageous and topical sketches

Hypnosis is essentially an altered state of consciousness which is induced in the volunteers through various psychological techniques.

Hypnosis dates back to the Ancient Egyptians and is 100% safe! It has been made popular over the years by the media and various television events.

Through James’s unique knowledge in hypnosis, he will access the volunteers subconscious minds, magnifying their imagination, thus turning a mild mannered volunteer into a sheer extrovert!

An ethical hypnotist would never make people do or reveal something that is extremely against the persons nature and no secrets will ever be revealed!

For the UK’s No.1 experience in hypnosis BOOK JAMES ANTHONY Today.

James Anthony

For Bookings Tel. 07989-568-304