Leeds Magician – James Anthony

Close Up Magician Leeds

In the realm of magic in Leeds, few names resonate as vibrantly as James Anthony. Boasting over 15 years of experience, countless TV appearances, and a plethora of satisfied clients, James Anthony has solidified his reputation as a leading Magician in Leeds. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday celebration, or a corporate gathering, James is ready to make it unforgettable.

James Anthony has dedicated over a decade to mesmerizing audiences in Leeds and beyond with his remarkable close-up magic. This isn’t the conventional magic you might recall from childhood parties. James leverages the latest techniques to deliver a truly modern performance, using objects like playing cards, bottles, money, coins, and business cards to craft moments of sheer wonder.

As a sought-after Leeds magician, James Anthony has been the star attraction at private soirees, corporate functions, and weddings throughout the region for years. Owing to his immense popularity, his schedule fills up quickly. If you’re considering James for your event, don’t delay!

Unleash Magic at Your Event

The hypnotic allure of James Anthony’s magic captivates audiences of all ages. Beyond the illusions, it serves as a brilliant icebreaker, especially for guests meeting for the first time. Hundreds of 5-star Google reviews vouch for the brilliance of his craft. Feel free to delve into some of the glowing testimonials, but nothing truly compares to witnessing the magic firsthand.

6 Big Reasons to Choose James Anthony as Your Leeds Magician

* **Now is the Time for Magic:** As we emerge from challenging times, including the aftermath of 2020, consider introducing a touch of wonder to your event. Opt for James Anthony, undeniably one of the most entertaining magicians in Leeds.

* **Beyond Magic:** For James, it’s more than just tricks. He aims to bring joy, laughter, and amazement. His primary goal? Making your guests feel spectacular and presenting them with memories that linger long after the event concludes.

* **A World-Class Act:** James Anthony comes with over a decade of global performance experience, having charmed everyone from global celebrities to heads of state. You’re not just booking a magician – you’re securing an experience with one of Leeds’ finest.

* **Reviews Speak Volumes:** The best endorsements often come via word of mouth or testimonials. Scroll further to read and watch glowing reviews from awestruck audience members.

* **Innovative Illusions:** Forget the cliched card tricks you might have seen. James Anthony brings a fresh, impactful, and enjoyable flavor to close-up magic.

* **Modern, Mesmerizing Magic:** From unlocking your mobile phone to recounting your first kiss memory, experiencing James Anthony’s magic in person takes the magic quotient up several notches.


In the city of Leeds, James Anthony stands as a beacon of magical excellence. Whether it’s close-up magic for corporate events or hypnotic experiences for weddings, he ensures your events remain etched in memories for ages. Make your next event magical by inviting Leeds’ premier magician and hypnotist, James Anthony.

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