James Anthony: Lancaster’s Premier Magician and Hypnotist

Lancaster Magician: Elevate Your Event with Magical Mastery

When it comes to mesmerizing magical acts in the heart of Lancashire, Magician Lancaster, James Anthony, is a name that echoes with unparalleled excellence. Renowned far beyond Lancaster’s historic streets, his magic is a delightful fusion of modern innovation, classic charm, and riveting mind-reading, ensuring every spectator is left in awe.

Seeking a Lancaster magician to add a touch of magic to your special event, be it a wedding, gala, or any grand festivity? James Anthony, a stone’s throw away from the heart of Lancaster, has graced countless esteemed venues, leaving a trail of enchanted audiences in his wake.

From transforming £5 into £50, causing a deck of cards to evaporate within moments, to silently discerning your deepest thoughts, James has steadily established himself as the most sought-after Magician in Lancaster. Booking him ensures your event is unforgettable and filled with wondrous moments.

While close-up magic is James’s forte, he’s equally masterful with cabaret performances. Seamlessly blending humour and audience engagement, his acts can range from a brisk 5 minutes to a captivating hour, with the 45-minute version being particularly beloved.

When Should James Take the Stage?

Whether it’s magic or mind-reading, James is a hit for all occasions. At Lancaster weddings, for instance, he’s the perfect entertainment during photo sessions or as guests indulge in appetisers. He can dazzle between meal courses, prior to evening festivities, or be the star of the entire evening.

Lancaster, renowned for its rich history and iconic landmarks, has witnessed James’s magic at diverse events – from corporate soirees and intimate house parties to lavish weddings and milestone celebrations. Each act is uniquely tailored, keeping the magic fresh, thrilling, and delightful.

Top 6 Reasons to Choose James Anthony as Your Magician in Lancaster:


 Boasting 15 years of magical expertise, James promises exceptional magic blended with fun and a touch of sophistication.


His affable nature ensures he seamlessly accommodates even last-minute whims.


A media darling, James has been featured on TV, radio, and various other platforms.


As a local Lancaster magician, James’s pricing is transparent, sans any concealed costs.


With 200+ 5-star reviews, his magical footprint spans the UK, especially in Lancaster.


Experience groundbreaking acts: whether it’s tech tricks or personal revelations, witnessing James’s magic firsthand is an unmatched experience.

James Anthony

For Bookings Tel. 07989-568-304

Hire James for Your Wedding, Close-Up, or After-Dinner Magic in Lancaster

In Lancaster, if you wish for an event filled with awe and magical moments, James Anthony is the Magician Lancaster you’ve been searching for.

Wedding Magician Lancaster

Offering contemporary and engaging acts, from cards to coins, James guarantees your Lancaster wedding is nothing short of magical. Whether during the photo sessions, amidst meal courses, or for the evening guests, he ensures the magic lingers on.

Close Up Magician Lancaster

For those intimate moments, James’s close-up magic stands out. Ideal for drinks receptions, wedding photo sessions, or any event in Lancaster where you want to engage and mesmerize your guests in small clusters.

After Dinner Magician Blackpool​

A captivating 40-minute blend of modern magic and intriguing mind tricks makes James’s after-dinner show the talk of Lancaster. Tailored for corporate galas, conferences, or private parties, it’s an act not to be missed.