James Anthony: Premier Magician and Hypnotist in Chester

Crafting Magic for All Ages and Occasions

James Anthony’s magical performances captivate and are suitable for every age group. If your intent is to add a magical touch to your event or wedding while maintaining sophistication and a lively atmosphere, James Anthony should be your immediate choice.

Magic, as a form of entertainment, is unparalleled when it comes to breaking the ice among guests, especially those unfamiliar with each other. Its charm resonates with all age groups. To witness the kind of enchantment James can introduce to your celebration, party, or wedding, we invite you to view the video showcased below.

6 Impressive Reasons to Choose James Anthony as Your Chester Magician:


With over 15 years as a full-time professional magician, James guarantees top-notch magic, fun, and professionalism, ensuring your event remains etched in memory.


Approachable, warm, and amiable, James Anthony is always eager to accommodate any special requirements or last-minute requests.


Having showcased his skills on TV, news, radio, and in print, James has hundreds of thrilled clients, including celebrities and renowned brands.


As a local Chester magician, there’s no added cost for travel or other hidden fees.


James boasts over 185+ 5-star reviews, marking him as a top-tier magician. From Saudi Arabia to New York and Holland to London, his magic knows no boundaries.


James’s magic is not only modern and highly visual but is also personalized. Whether it’s accessing your smartphone or recalling personal memories, experiencing his magic firsthand is a marvel.

James Anthony

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Enhance Your Event with James Anthony’s Magic in Chester

In conclusion, if you’re in search of a magician in Chester who combines traditional magic with hypnotism, ensuring an unforgettable experience, James Anthony is your go-to choice.

Wedding Magician Chester

Having attended countless weddings, James Anthony firmly believes that entertainment is pivotal in making a wedding memorable. While flowers and cakes are essential, interactive entertainment like magic leaves a lasting impression. James’s magic aligns with the elegance and sophistication of a wedding without being overly formal.

Close Up Magician Chester

Renowned on social media and in the entertainment sector, James Anthony’s close-up magic skills are revered. He offers an intimate magical experience, performing right before your eyes, making you an integral part of the enchantment.

After Dinner Magician Chester

Be it a gala, ball, charity event, conference, or corporate event, James promises memorable entertainment. As an after-dinner magician, James’s stage show runs approximately 40-45 minutes but can be tailored. The show is interactive, filled with magic mysteries, and has been showcased to renowned brands like Coca Cola, Audi, Ford, Huawei, and more.