Hey Everyone.. I thought I would write a little article about a recent experience I had the pleasure to be a part of.  It all started from a night out where I was performing some magic at Hold Fast bar in Manchester.  There I at first un-knowingly met some wonderful people from the Manchester Evening News.  After many tricks I explained about an ambition of mine which you might see come to light in the near future… but let’s just say it’s BIG!

After this amazing them with everything from Dynamo style magic, to playing with their minds with some Derren Brown style mentalism, I then followed up the conversations which resulted in brainstorming which is when Tricks On The Tram was born.

After a few weeks had passed, the time came to hit the streets of Manchester and begin performing some magic.   Before I hit the streets I arrived nice and early to prepare and had a coffee at Starbucks near Piccadilly.  This is where I performed this little trick and entertained all the staff members! (see video below)

After the warm-up I met the team at the Market Street tram stop in central Manchester.  Here we briefly came up with a plan of action and within no time at all we were jumping on and off trams and performing magic in a controlled manner on and around the platforms.  It was a HUGE success as you can see from the video below:

Thank you to everyone who appears inside the video, who helped and to everyone at the Manchester Evening News for all your support in creating this article.  Magic is a wonderful way to break down barriers and get people to express themselves and that’s exactly what it achieved that day.  We heard it said so many times that, “You have made our day”, or “You have really cheered me up”.  This is why I perform magic and do what I do.

We are already discussing future appearances all with the idea of building up to something truly magical which is sure to happen at some point this year.  You have seen Dynamo walk on water.. but wait till you see my first big stunt!

Should you require a Manchester Magician for your next event, whether it be in the UK or in another country, I can certainly fulfil your requirements and exceed your expectations.  For direct enquiries please call: 0800-566-8426 or contact me via my website at: Click to contact James Anthony

I also run a physical online magic shop in Denton, Greater Manchester, and an online magic shop based at www.MagicWorld.co.uk.  We not only sell the latest magic tricks invented by magicians from all over the world, but we also manufacture and come up with new creations in magic, as used by many magicians worldwide both on television and in their professional repertoire.