Although I have decided to write about this a little later from the event, the memory of the location and event is still extremely fresh.

I was asked to perform at Stirling Castle… a most magnificent castle which is hired quite a bit for corporate events and weddings.

After spending the afternoon in the local area of Stirling I was then picked up to go and perform at the castle..  It was simply stunning in the dark.  The outdoor lighting and atmosphere was electric, as I was guided into the room of entertainers.  Everyone was great and I was working alongside two contortionists, an aerialist and a fellow magician.

I began to entertaining one of the long tables… performing many such miracles as the Haunted Deck, numerous card effects, as well as my special brand of magic and hypnosis. After an hour I then moved to the back of the room to watch the entrancing and traditional bearing of the haggis!  Although I didn’t actually get to try any of the Haggis.. it did look fantastic and I definitely would have!  Then after a little more performing we were guided upstairs for a nice meal accompanied with delicious red wine and then a balcony view of the aerialist inside a large clear balloon.

It was certainly a night to remember, and here are just some of the pictures.

In the Dungeons of Sterling Castle

Stirling Castle

Magician from Manchester At Sterling Castle

Stirling Castle

After the event the guests were taken outside to hear a wonderful rendition by a band of bag pipers!  I love that sound!

Outside Sterling Castle

Outside Stirling Castle

Magic at Sterling Castle in Scotland

Stirling Castle