Although I don’t make it a habit of performing at the holiday parks, I thought I would take a few shows as a backup for a friend.  I brought with me my new magical assistant Laura Johnson who not only really loves her job as a dancer, but also is exceptionally enthusiastic about magic.

Yesterday evening we entertained at Freshwaters near Weymouth.  On Arriving the stage was fabulous, as it revolved electronically.  This made it so easy to get in and set up, and moments before our show a button was pressed and the stage revolved around.. Now that’s magic!  We were greeted by the entertainment manager, or host, or… to be honest I haven’t a clue what exactly he was.  To say he was quirky would be an understatement.  A little odd and annoying before our show, but we did our show, went down great as usual (without sounding arrogant!), packed away quickly and headed back to the caravan.  After 3 hours of internet work, (yes there was signal and internet just about!), and removing many spiders webs and spiders, I went to sleep, only to awake to beautiful sunshine and hot weather.

The views here are magnificent, so I decided to take a walk to the beach which was long and drawn out with a lovely shore line.  After noseying at a few more caravans, where some people obviously live all year around, I made my way to the shop to buy the ever important milk for a delicious morning cup of tea!

Today we must check into a B&B that our agent set up for us due to no room in the caravan for this evening, which is a little annoying in some respect, but better in the fact that I can get a full English breakfast in the morning!

Well that’s enough for my blog so far.  Definitely more to come as my performances take me around the world.